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Become A Partner

Lets face it, you have a lot on your plate. How long does it take to hit break-even? How can I navigate the competition to keep food on my employees tables? These are valid questions when running a business, but we believe you can take your brand to the next level! Focusing on the growth strategy, while allowing us to support that growth is a plan we can get behind.

Lets create a lasting relationship together!

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Partner Programs

Disclaimer: These programs are exclusively offered to our partners

Johnstone Plus

Coleman Dealer

Fujitsu Dealer

Bosch Dealer

Welcome to the Orion Group Step-By-Step Process:

1. Discovery Meeting
-Evaluate Business Needs & Opportunity
-Determine Fit

2. Solution Opportunity Meeting
-Execute a Detailed Assessment
-Present Proposed Solution(s)

3. Business Agreement Established
-Solution implementation plan
-Document services and service levels
-Set pricing
-Based on Projected Sales
-Rebates and Incentives
-Establish Meeting Cadence
4. Partner Onboarding
-Establish Training Cadence
-Implement solutions
-Meet and Greet with Support Teams
-Launch event scheduled (based on agreement type)
-Weekly Follow Up

5. Monthly Business Review Meetings
-Performance Update (Scorecard)
-Updates and News
-Review action items (To Dos – accountability)
-Support and training needs reviewed
-Discuss and Resolve Issues (IDS)

6. Annual Agreement Review
-Year to date performance to agreement reviewed
-Incentive and rebate summary shared, promises delivered
-New programs shared and Business Agreement renewed

Exclusive Services